Mihailo Pupin mason, scientist, inventor, professor at the University of Columbia, bearer of Yugoslavian Decorations of the White Eagle of the First Order, and Honorary Consul of Serbia in the United States. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and one of the founders and long-time president of the Serbian People’s Alliance in America. He was a Honorary Doctor of Science at several American universities, president of radio engineering institute, institute of electrical engineering 1925- 1926, Society for the Advancement of Science and the New York Academy of Sciences.


Mihailo Pupin was born on October 9, 1854, according to the Gregorian calendar, or September 27, 1854. in the village of Idvor (today in the municipality of Kovačica) in Banat (then the Austrian Empire, today Serbia). His father’s name was Constantine, and his mother was Olympiad. After going to America, he added his last name and the word „Idvorsky“ (Michael Idvorsky Pupin), thus emphasizing his origins. He had four brothers and five sisters.

In 1888, Pupin married a US woman named Catherine Jackson from New York with whom she had
daughter Barbara. They were only married for eight years when she died after a severe pneumonia.
All his life he remembered his mother’s words in his autobiographical section:

My child, if you want to go to the world, about whom you listened so much on our meetigs, you have to have another pair of eyes – eyes for reading and writing. There are many things in the world that you can not find out if you can not read and write. Knowledge, this is the golden scales through which we go to heaven; Knowledge is the light that illuminates our path through life and leads us into the life of the future full of eternal glory.

He died in 76, on March 12, 1935, in New York. He is buried at the Vudlon cemetery (Woodlawn) in the Bronx. The tomb of a famous Serb is found in the part of the graveyard that, even today, is tended by the American Masons.




Source: Wikipedia