Mihailo Obrenovic, Mason and prince of Serbia, with whose efforts through diplomatic channels in 1868 Serbia gained the administration of the remaining fortified cities (Belgrade, Smederevo, Sabac, Kladovo and earlier Uzice and Soko) and by the same Sultan Ferman made the last Turkish soldier leave the Principality.


Mihailo Obrenovic (4/16 September 1823 – May 29 / June 10, 1868) was the Duke of Serbia from 1839 to 1842 and from 1860 to 1868. His first reign ended with the overthrow of 1842 and the second with assassination. Mihailo was the second son of Prince Milos and Ljubica Obrenovic. After his father’s abdication he went with him to exile, but soon after the death of his elder brother Milan, he claimed the throne of Serbia. Since he was minor, for some time, instead of him, the appointment was made which consisted of Jevrem Obrenovic, Toma Vucic Perisic and Avram Petronijevic. He was ovethrown in an uprising led by Toma Vucic Perisic. After being ovethrown he traveled Europe and married the Countess Julia Hunjadi.

After the prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic was ousted at the Sentandrea Assembly, Mihailo returned to Serbia. After his father’s death in 1860, he became the Duke of Serbia for the second time. This time he had more experience in diplomacy and state governance. One of the great successes of Prince Michael was the removal of the Ottomans fortress, crew and fleet from Serbia.

Prince Michael was the first with an idea to create a Balkan alliance, but due to his distrust towards Montenegro and Bulgaria, the alliance never came to be.

In the internal politics, Prince Mihailo ruled autocratic. He was murdered in 1868 as a victim of the assassination in Kosutnjak. Mihailo was succeeded by his son Milan Obrenovic, grandson of Milosevic’s brother Jevrem.





Source: Wikipedia