Djordje Weifert (1850 – 1937) Serbian mason, industrialist of German origin, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, and later Yugoslavia. He is the founder of the modern mining industry of Serbia and a great benefactor, owner of several mines and breweries.


Djordje Weifert, of father Ignjat and mother Ana, was born in Pancevo. He lived in a wealthy Pancevo industrialists family. Pančevo was then a small border point at the mouth of the Tamiš River in the Danube, inhabited mostly by Serbs, Germans and Hungarians. On the other side of the border across the Danube was the city of Belgrade, a commercial center and the capital of the re-established Kingdom of Serbia.

During 1865, Weiferts rented an existing brewery in Belgrade to start with production, in order to avoid transport and customs costs when bringing beer to White City. In Pancevo, Djordje Weifert attended a German elementary school and a Hungarian high school, after which his father sends him to Budapest to the College of Commerce for further education. After that, Djordje goes to training in Weissenhofen, next to Munich, where he finishes the Great Brewery School. After the graduation in 1872, Djordje went to Belgrade to help his father work and together build a new brewery at Topčidersko brdo. In 1873, he married Marija Gisner.

As great benefactors, they opened a large Pancevo Catholic cemetery, where still lay the remains of members of the Weifert family. They also built the Pantheon Catholic Church of Saint Anna from the foundation and many more other public and charitable institutions.

Djordje Weifert

In 1890, he became a mason in the „Democracy“ Lodge in Pest, where he was a member for the rest of his life. About his influence speaks the fact that the Lodge „Djordje Weifert“ was founded in 1995 by the members of the Lodge „Pobratim.“